-Ernest Hemingway



I live my life by that quote. 


Hi, I'm Phillip K. and you found my writer page.


Congrats... sort of.


I have been writing books, stories, scripts and news pieces for over ten years. I have learned a lot, won awards, succeeded, failed and never stopped. 


Currently, thanks to new tech, I can write novels on my phone everywhere I go.


I love to write. I write everyday. I've been through writer's block, writing partners that don't produce, rejection letters from agents, the evolution of print to digital and still, I write.


I could tell you all that BS about where I was born and how I grew up and all, but I'm saving that for Oprah.


Click on one of the books below to get a copy. 

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The Last Ghoul-Chaser

2018, SC Publishing

Follow the story of retired Ghoul-Chaser, William Featherman, whose teenage neice has become tormented by a ghoul from his past, Zoto the Rectal Spectre. Recruiting old friend and fellow Ghoul-Chaser, Rick Stoned, the two must face their ghostly rivals once again. This time they must call upon the dozens of Ghoul-Chaser Divisions from around the world to help them in one giant battle that leaves everyone covered in Ghoul Goop. 


But in the end, there will be only one last Ghoul-Chaser.




Enjoy the hilarious tale and get a copy today!