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Phillip K began his writing career in the 1st grade. He wrote a Thanksgiving story that was published in the school paper, it went something like this: 

"Once upon a time, there was a turkey walking through the woods. He came across a hunter and the hunter killed him for dinner. The end."


The 1st grade teacher laughed out loud at the story and had it published. 


Phillip's next attempt at story writing was in the 5th grade. He wrote a short story to win a trick-or-treat bag. The story was about a demon rising from the dead and killing those that had awoken him.

He did not win the trick-or-treat bag. Instead, he won an appt with the school counsler. 

Phillip began writing short plays and scripts as the world of acting in live theater had consumed him and his talents. While his feature length play, "Murder Mystery Underpants" was never produced, his 1 Act play, "Paradox" was produced by a small theater company in Los Angeles.

They are no longer in business.

Phillip would then find a niche at his college newspaper, writing feature stories about aritsts of all types and drawing cartoons. His work won several awards. A short story he wrote, "My Last Meal" was published in a small magazine. His freelance writing continued until Phillip took on the challenge of his first novel, "Prophecy on High" which was a fictional tale inspired by an article Phillip had written about heavy drug users. The artists for the book refused to sign any releases and so the book was shelved.


It wasn't until after the depression of 2008 that Phillip had relocated and began writing the indie comic book "Stillborn: The First Zombie" under the pen name Hunter S. Zombie, Phillip's cosplay character.

When the artist for the comic left unexpectedly, Phillip had to draw the entire book himself very quickly as they book was set to release at a ComiCon only two months away. 

After completing 5 issues over 3 years, the first graphic novel in the Stillborn series, Phillip had found himself flat broke and unable to keep sales up as some comic shops didn't pay him and he was having trouble keeping up with demand. 

During this time, Phillip was working on creating new revenue streams to help support his zombie comic book. It wasn't until Phillip had befriended a few GhostHeads (hardcore Ghostbuster fans) that he began wondering why GB3 had never been made. The closest thing to GB3 was a book, "Ghostbusters: The Return" that was released in 2004 to harsh reviews and a limited print run. The publishing company went bankrupt and the book fell into obscurity. Any printed copies currently range from $100-$400 USD.

Phillip was inspired by all the GhostHead divisions around the world, people who were dressing in homemade costumes and making their cars look like Ecto-1. These hardcore fans would take their cosplay to a new level as they would go out and raise money for various charities. Phillip found this to be very admirable and wanted to write a book series just for them.

Phillip contacted Sony/Columbia pictures to get permission to write a GB3-type book. 

They said, "No." (surprise surprise)

So, Phillip wrote a parody instead, "The Last Ghoul-Chaser". A novel that would only take him 3 months to write, using his iPhone.

"I can't explain the how it all came pouring out," Phillip said. "I had written a 7 page outline of the story and when Sony rejected my proposal, I wasn't about to throw it all away. I HAD to write this. It just exploded and I couldn't stop. I wrote outlines for 20 more Ghoul-Chaser books, so I'll be busy for many a year."


Phillip's goal is to write 2 Ghoul-Chaser books a year, while working on "Stillborn: The First Zombie."


Phillip K also draws a comic strip from time to time. You can read "Teddie & Teddy" on


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